• Image of Buried Issue 5

This Fifth volume surveys the best of the brutal and slamming death metal scene in South East Asia, a young and vibrant metal scene that is yet to receive much interest from metal’s traditional audiences in Europe and North America. Luminaries of the scene such as Down from the Wound, Digging Up, Splattered Orgasm and Total Rusak took the time to be interviewed for this edition.

Alongside underground metal bands, Buried also commissions artists to produce new works along morbid themes. After her ultra gory contribution to issue 4, Tai Shani returns with a new fiction work that has a musical accompaniment by Chloe Herington. Sculptor Tamsin Snow and Photographer Hal Sear have also produced new works for this issues, as have legendary metal illustrator Mark Riddik and comic book artist Stefan Saddler.

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